Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sherm was presented with a a singing Barney in honor of his new Concours. Thanks GC, Rubbergator, and CC. I'll not be carrying a stuffed animal on a motorcycle, but he's special and will find a good place at home!

We had 19 people out tonight. A few "no shows" all for good work, etc. It was a perfect VROC evening. Good food, good folks. What more could you ask for?!

Scorpion~ and Dutch in conversation. MacGuy and Francis look on. Scorp~ was working today, so came in his "uniform"

Sherm, usualy not in the pictures, was the victim of Rubbergator's camera this time.

GC is starting out slow, with the dark beer.

Rocket Girl is telling Scorpion~ to "back off"

Flyin' Willy (John) and Gypsy Cat (Diana) John is still a little excited about the new ride.

Tinbender and Shirley.

Lisa and Scorp~

This is Daniel, a new PNW rider. Thanks for coming out! Hope we'll be seeing more of you.

Dutch, Rocket Girl, Gyspy Cat, Francis, MacGuy and Scorpion

Francis, Chuck, Scorpion~, Mark and Mark.

Patiently waiting for the food.

Mark (Grumpa). He's a long time member of this crew.

GC and Rubbergator, with Flyin' Willy, Francis and Chuck in the back. they are holding Barney for me.

A waiter and the lady manager of the place. She's the one that sent the free desserts. We're still not sure what Scorpion~ told her we were, but she was impressed

This bar and grill, The Ram, was amazing. I don't know where all the single guys are in this town. I counted 8 nice looking young ladies at the bar, (like in their 20's and 30's) with no guys there to buy them drinks!

GC broght her knitting. She only had one row when she got there, her fingers just fly on those needles! Note the joint lubrication in front her.

Had to have at least one food picture. People ate everything from Ribs to steaks, fish, great salads, and other stuff. Daniel had this fine looking burger.

Dutch's turn under the sign!

Mitch "VooVoo and GG are livening up the end of the table.

Gypsy Cat and Dutch are thinking how nice it would be to have another Tequila they did!

The house bought us 5 or 6 of these HUGE desserts, Scorpion~ had them believing we were some kind of hero's or something, and we all sang happy birthday to Gypsy Cat, although she denied that it's her birthday, so a good time was had by all!

Gypsy Cat and Dutch try a little Tequila. Tinbender looks on.

Lisa "Rubbergator" chose the time and place for this "get-together". Good job Lisa, thanks for a great evening!

Mark and Vicky, Newbies before tonight, now just part of the PNW crowd. Hope we didn't scare y'all off tonight

Nicky and Garth. Some of the newer members of the PNW group. Very good to see you guys come out!

The new Barney with the plate from the Too Cool bike. (the Washington plate is going to say 2Kewl when it comes in.

Francis and Chuck.. (Macguy) Hmmm, nice T-shirt Chuck!

The Tin people, Chuck and Shirley.

Ham and RG. These guys are past the "newlywed" stage, and still like each other!

Gypsy Cat and Rubbergator....what a pair!

Scorpion~ cjhecking out something on Dutches very nice 1600.

This is Tinbender's new V-Strom. Is this becoming a trend in VROC? It's a very nice bike. They still have the Vulcan.

.Didn't take Willy long to get a Washington plate. In less than 3 weeks, this bike has had 3 different state plates! I just paid for a title change and 2 years registration in Oregon from California, now it's a Washington State Bike!

Two happy guys! One has a nice new bike, the other has a nice check in his pocket! :-)

Varooom, Varoom! I think he like it! Just off loaded it and finished the paperwork. It's sprinkling rain and getting dark, so he may wait until tomorrow to ride it. I'll be taking a lot of "people pictures" at the dinner tonight, will post them in the morning.

His first look at his new bike! It's been raining on and off all day, so it's not quite a pretty as it was when it left Coos Bay this morning. John (Flyin' Willy") has a beautiful view of Mount Rainier from his house, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

In my garage for the last time, 4/11/06. Shiny and ready to haul to Buckley, Washington for Flyin' Willy.